Season 1 has 3 episodes.

Season 1 begins with a man named Eddie who is going out with a girl named Norine has a great car and owes a Russian named Borris money. by the end of the first episode he lost it all except he still owes Borris he is now living with he's best mate(friend) Buzz and French Toast. Eddie then tries to get a job as project manger of a constriction site being run by a man named Aloisios Lavin at the same time a man called The Boo opens his own restaurant which has a great opening day. Eddie finds out that his enemy The Viper bought his old awesome car. which crushes him.

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Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


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  • Aloisios Lavin (1/2 Episodes)


Hardy Bucks was started on the 19 of October 2008 for youtube with three episodes split into two parts each.

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